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STSM belongs to a  original and genuine faith founded by Lord Shree Swaminarayan  Himself called Swaminarayan Sampraday. This sampraday has already been established in many countries outside India  and is spreading fast far a field all over the World. STSM is one of this well established organizations dedicated entirely on the true Swaminarayan Sampraday‚Äôs  philosophy representing in African continent in the East Africa region in a country named Tanzania, Dar-es-salaam since year 1958.

Today, this Mandir has completed its 62 years and looks as new as it was built back in 1958. The Trustees and the Management have taken utmost care in preserving and maintaining this place of worship. The Government of the United Republic Of Tanzania has gazetted this Mandir as a historical place and is therefore under the protection of the Antiquities Act No. 10 (1964) – An Act to provide for the Preservation and Protection of Sites and articles of Paleontological, Archaeological, Historical or Natural Interest.