Shree Tanzania SwamiNarayan Mandir

Shree Ghanshyam Bal Mandal

ssShree Ghanshyam Bal Mandal was formed on 23rd July, 2011 in the presence of Brahmnisth Santo’s from Bhuj Mandir. Santo’s gave their blessing to start SGBM and become successful. SGBM started with only 10 to 20 boys and girls and now it has 70 boys and girls who are attending every Sabha. SGBM runs classes to teach our children about our religious and cultural knowledge and children also get classes of Gujarati language to maintain their mother tongue.

SGBM organizes several events i.e Funday, Diwali culture program, seminars, picnic and much more to motivate children and to keep connected with the Temple and Satsang.

To encourage and motivate children & teenagers to take part in Satsang and make Satsang as a part of routine life.

To teach children about our Sampraday, to make them Strong Satsangis and to spread the name of our Lord SWAMINARAYAN as much as we can “Keep Chanting Shree Swaminarayan”.