Shree Tanzania SwamiNarayan Mandir


Muktanand Swami was born in the Samvat year 1814 to Anandraj and Radhaben of Amreli. As a child he was devoted to ‘Bal Mukund’ hence his childhood name Mukunddas.

Mukunddas started learning scriptures like the Geeta at a very young age and had a natural talent for music and poetry. He sang and composed many kirtans, including the first and most popular Aarti of our Sampraday – ‘Jay Sadguru Swami…’

He was determined to spread the pathway of religion and devotion to God but his parents wanted him to get married. Nevertheless his parents had their wish fulfilled and married Mukunddas. However, Mukunddas found married life intolerable and eventually, with the permission from his parents, left home to start a new life.

He served several different saints on the way before he met Ramanand Swami. Mukund Das felt total bliss in the presence of Ramanand Swami and lost all his stress and desires for worldly contacts. Mukund Das requested Ramanand Swami to take him as a disciple. Ramanand Swami requested Mukunddas to obtaining permission from his Guru. Mukund Das had to act as a nuisance and mad man in order to get a written permission his Guru. Mukund Das ordained Bhagwati Diksha in Vikram Samvat 1842 and was named Muktanand. Muktanand Swami mastered the religious discourses in Bhuj, thereafter he settled in Loj, where he first met Nilkanth Varni, in the month of Shravan, Vikram Samvat 1856.
Muktanand Swami acted as the guardian and always cared for wellbeing of his fellow saints. Swaminarayan Bhagwan called him, ‘The mother of Satsang’ because of his motherly love, tolerance and smooth interaction with others. His preaching and conversational skills were brilliant at arguing the supremacy of Maharaj and proved that the Swaminarayan sect was in accordance with the ancient scriptures. He has composed various Kirtans and Aartis in addition to seven scriptures of discourses in Sanskrit and a massive twenty-three scriptures in Prakrit. He left for Dham in the VS 1886