Shree Tanzania SwamiNarayan Mandir


Devanand Swami was named Devidan at birth. His father was Jijibhai and his mother’s name was Bahenjiba of Barol. He was born on Kartik Sud Purnima Vikram Samvat 1859 (1803 AD). Right from an early age, Jijibhai taught good sanskars to his son. Devidan watched and accompanied his father perform his morning worship to Lord Shiva. Once, on instruction from his father, who had gone out of town, he performed worship and pleased Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva hinted to Devidan that Lord Purshottam Narayan will come to his village. Devidan was only five years old at the time. As Lord Shiva said, Maharaj was on His way back from Jetalpur while passing through the village of Barol. He was offered Thuli (wheat flake) and milk. Maharaj rolled up His sleeves and started eating as the villagers watched. Devidan stared at Maharaj, suddenly Maharaj started to lick the milk off His elbow with His tongue. The villagers were stunned to see this miracle. Suddenly Maharaj’s eye made contact with Devidan’s eyes and shock-waves ran through Devidan’ body. Devidan fell at Maharaj’s feet and asked if he could accompany Maharaj. With the consent of his parents, Maharaj took Devidan along with Him, and entrusted him to the care of Brahmanand Swami. Later on Maharaj initiated him and named Abheydanand Swami, though he became known as Devanand Swami.

Under Brahmanand Swami’s care he learnt Pingal Shastra and music. He attained the highest level within a short period of time. Soon he started playing and composing his own kirtans and singing them. His singing was very attractive; he had the ability to sing at different tunes and had a sweet voice. His kirtans concentrated on renunciation, reflection of the world in the correct perspective and inspiration for people to follow the path of righteousness. He took over the Mahant hood of Muli temple from Brahmanand Swami and ensured that the activities of the temple flourished. He left this world for Akshardham in Vikram Samvat 1910.