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Maha Shivratri


In the Shikshapatri ‘Codes of Conduct’, authored by Supreme Personality Shree Swaminarayan Himself, He instructs His followers about reverence and worship of Lord Shiva:

Slokh 23 – When passing by temples of Lord Shiva and other Deities, one shall bow to them and pay due reverence to the Deities therein.

Slokh 47 – No distinction shall be made between Narayana and Shiva, as they are both proclaimed as Brahmaswarupa (Above all material modes) by the Vedas.

Slokh 79 – They shall devoutly observe the austerities on Ekadashi, Janmashtmi and other birth anniversaries such as Shivaratri etc. and celebrate them with great reverence.

Slokh 84 – My followers shall regard the five Deities named here with reverence – Vishnu, Shiva, Ganapati, Parvati and the Sun.

Slokh 149 – In the month of Shravana, they shall worship Mahadeva with reverence, with Bilva-Patras and the like, or request others to worship Mahadeva on their behalf.

Furthermore, in the First Vachanamrutam of Loya, which are the divine words of the Supreme Personality Himself, He says, ‘I have great respect for Shiva because He has renounced the world, mastered Yoga and a great Devotee of God’.

In the 12th Canto of Shreemad Bhagwatam, Ved Vyas states the following:

…Vaiṣṇavānāḿ yathā Shambhuḥ –

Shiva is the greatest of Vaishnavas


Therefore a humble devotee, desiring to please the Supreme Personality should devoutly worship Mahadeva. Devotees desiring to further their faith and reverence unto their Ishtdeva attain blessings from Mahadeva and the other four deities mentioned in Slokh 84 above.